Research output

K. Aftahy, P. Arrasate, P. V. Bashkirov, P. I. Kuzmin, V. Maurizot, I. Huc, V. A. Frolov

Molecular sensing and manipulation of protein oligomerization in membrane nanotubes with bolaamphiphilic foldamers

V. Koehler, G. Bruschera, E. Merlet, P. K. Mandal, E. Morvan, F. Rosu, C. Douat, L. Fischer, I. Huc, Y. Ferrand

High-affinity hybridization of complementary aromatic oligoamide strands in water

B. Teng, P. K. Mandal, L. Allmendinger, C. Douat, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc

Controlling aromatic helix dimerization in water by tuning charge repulsions

V. Laffilé, K. Moreno, E. Merlet, N. McClenaghan, Y. Ferrand, C. Olivier

CPL-active water-soluble aromatic oligoamide foldamers

Y. Zhong, T.A. Sobiech, B. Kauffmann, B. Song, X. Li, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc, B. Gong

High-affinity single and double helical pseudofoldaxanes with cationic guests

A. Galan, K. Lulic, J. Wang, B. Wicher, I. Huc, J. Duhamelb, V. Maurizot

Coaxial assembly of helical aromatic foldamers by metal coordination

B. Teng, J. Atcher, L. Allmendinger, C. Douat, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc

Combining local conformational preferences and solvophobic effects in helical aromatic oligoamide foldamers

F. S. Menke, B. Wicher,  L. Allmendinger, V. Maurizot, Ivan Huc

An abiotic, tetrameric, eight-helix bundle

F. S. Menke, D. Mazzier, B. Wicher, L. Allmendinger, B. Kaufmann, V. Maurizot, I. Huc

Molecular torsion springs: alteration of helix curvature in frustrated tertiary folds

C. Olivier, N. Nagatomo, T. Mori, N. McClenaghan, G.Jonusauskas,
B. Kauffmann, Y. Kuwahara, M. Takafuji, H. Iharaf, Y. Ferrand

A π-extended phenanthrene-fused aza[7]helicenium as a novel chiroptically-active architecture in organic and aqueous media

F. S. Menke, B. Wicher, V. Maurizot, I. Huc

Homochiral versus heterochiral dimeric helical foldamer bundles: Chlorinated-solvent-dependent self-sorting

M. Zwillinger, L. Fischer, G. Sályi, S. Szabó, M. Csékei, I. Huc, A. Kotschy

Isotope ratio encoding of sequence-defined oligomers

J. Wang, B. Wicher, V. Maurizot, I. Huc

Directing the self-assembly of aromatic foldamer helices using acridine appendages and metal coordination

D. Meier, B. Schoof, J. Wang, X. Li, A. Walz, A. Huettig, H. Schlichting, F. Rosu, V. Gabelica, V. Maurizot, J. Reichert, A.C. Papageorgiou*, I. Huc*, J. V. Barthaf

Structural adaptations of electrosprayed aromatic oligoamide foldamers on Ag(111)

V. Koehler, M. Gauthier, C. Yao, K. Fournel-Marotte, P. Waele`s, B. Kauffmann, I. Huc, F. Coutrot*, Y. Ferrand*

[3]Foldarotaxane-mediated synthesis of an improbable [2]rotaxane

C. Yao, B. Kauffmann, I. Huc *, Y. Ferrand *

Self-assembling figure-of-eight and pseudoplectoneme aromatic oligoamide ribbons

B. Gole, B. Kauffmann, A. Tron, V. Maurizot, N. McClenaghan, I. Huc*, Y. Ferrand*

Selective and cooperative photocycloadditions within multistranded aromatic sheets

V. Koehler, A. Roy, I. Huc*, Y. Ferrand*

Foldaxanes: rotaxane-like architectures from foldamers

K. Urushibara, Y. Ferrand*, Z. Liu, K. Katagiri, M. Kawahata, E. Morvan, R. D’Elia, V. Pophristic, A. Tanatani*, I. Huc*

Accessing improbable foldamer shapes with strained macrocycles

K. Moreno, E. Merlet, N. McClenaghan, T. Buffeteau, Y. Ferrand*, C. Olivier*

Influence of positional isomerism on the chiroptical properties of functional aromatic oligoamide foldamers

M. Gauthier, V. Koehler, C. Clavel, B. Kauffmann, I. Huc, Y. Ferrand*, F. Coutrot*

Interplay between a foldamer helix and a macrocycle in a foldarotaxane architecture

P. Mateus, A. Jacquet, A. Méndez-Ardoy, A. Boulloy, B. Kauffmann, G. Pecastaings, T. Buffeteau, Y. Ferrand, D. M. Bassani*, I. Huc*

Sensing a binding event through charge transport variations using an aromatic oligoamide capsule

J. Atcher, P. Mateus, B. Kauffmann, F. Rosu, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Large‐Amplitude Conformational Changes in Self‐Assembled Multi‐Stranded Aromatic Sheets

S. Pramanik, B. Kauffmann, S. Hecht, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Light-mediated chiroptical switching of an achiral foldamer host in presence of a carbohydrate guest

M. Zwillinger, P. Sai Reddy , B. Wicher, P. K. Mandal, M. Csékei, L. Fischer, A. Kotschy*, I. Huc*

Aromatic foldamer helices as α-helix extended surface mimetics

A. Meunier, M. L. Singleton, B. Kauffmann, T. Granier, G. Lautrette, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Aromatic foldamers as scaffolds for metal second coordination sphere design

Y. Zhohong , B. Kauffmann, W. Xu, Z. L. Lu, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc, X. C. Zeng, R. Liu*, B. Gong*

Multiturn hollow helices: Synthesis and folding of long aromatic oligoamides

P. Mateus, N. Chandramouli, C. D. Mackereth, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand,* I. Huc*

Allosteric recognition of homomeric and heteromeric pairs of monosaccharides by a foldamer capsule

D. Verreault,* K. Moreno, E. Merlet, F. Adamietz, B. Kauffmann,
Y. Ferrand, Céline Olivier,* V. Rodriguez*

Hyper-Rayleigh scattering as a new chiroptical method: uncovering
the nonlinear optical activity of aromatic oligoamide foldamers

H. Little, J. Wang, J. Duhamel,* X. Li, N. Markandeya, V. Maurizot,* I. Huc*

Simplification in the acquisition and analysis of fluorescence decays acquired with polarized emission for time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy measurements

D. Mazzier, S. De, B. Wicher, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Parallel homochiral and anti-parallel heterochiral hydrogen- bonding interfaces in multi-helical abiotic foldamers

J. Wang, H. Little, J. Duhamel*, X. Li, N. Markandeya, V. Maurizot,* I. Huc*

Application of time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy to probe quinoline-based foldamers labeled with oligo(phenylene vinylene)

J. Atcher, A. Nagai, P. Mayer, V. Maurizot, A. Tanatani*, I. Huc*

Aromatic ß-sheet foldamers based on tertiary squaramides

E. Merlet, K. Moreno, A. Tron, N. McClenaghan, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand*, C. Olivier*

Aromatic oligoamide foldamers as versatile scaffolds for induced circularly polarized luminescence at adjustable wavelengths

Post S. R., B. Langlois d’Estaintot, T. Granier, C. D. Mackereth, L. Fischer, I. Huc*

Structure elucidation of helical aromatic foldamer–protein complexes with large contact surface areas

D. Mazzier, S. De, B. Wicher, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Interplay of secondary and tertiary folding in abiotic foldamers

B. Gole, B. Kauffmann, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*, Y. Ferrand*

Light-controlled conformational switch of an aromatic oligoamide foldamer

X. Wang, Q. Gan, B. Wicher, Y.Ferrand*, I. Huc*

Directional threading and sliding o f a dissymmetrical foldamer helix on dissymmetrical axles

M. Vallade, M. Jewginski, L. Fischer, J. Buratto, K. Bathany, J.-M. Schmitter, M. Stupfel, F. Godde, C. D. Mackereth, I. Huc*

Assessing interactions between helical aromatic oligoamide foldamers and protein surfaces: a tethering approach

M. Vallade, P. S. Reddy, L. Fischer, I. Huc*

Enhancing aromatic foldamer helix dynamics to probe interactions with protein surfaces

S. Saha, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand*, I. Huc*

Selective encapsulation of disaccharide xylobiose by an aromatic foldamer helical capsule

Yann Ferrand and Ivan Huc

Conception de capsules moléculaires avec des foldamères

K. Urushibara, Dr. Y. Ferrand, Dr. Z. Liu, Prof. H. Masu, Prof. V. Pophristic, Prof. A. Tanatani*, Prof. I. Huc*

Frustrated helicity: joining the diverging ends of a stable aromatic amide helix to form a fluxional macrocycle

P. Mateus, B. Wicher, Y. Ferrand*, I. Huc*

Carbohydrate binding through first- and second-sphere coordination within aromatic oligoamide metallofoldamers

Y. Ferrand*, I. Huc* 

Designing helical molecular capsules based on folded aromatic amide oligomers

S. De, B. Chi, T. Granier, T. Qi, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Designing cooperatively folded abiotic uni- and multimolecular helix bundles

A. Lamouroux, L. Sebaoun, B. Wicher, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Controlling dipole orientation through curvature: aromatic foldamer bent β-sheets and helix–sheet–helix architectures

A. Mendez-Ardoy, N. Markandeya, X. Li, Y-T. Tsai, G. Pecastaings, T. Buffeteau, V. Maurizot, L. Muccioli, F. Castet, I. Huc*, D. M. Bassani*

Multi-dimensional charge transport in supramolecular helical foldamer assemblies

P. Mateus, B. Wicher, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Alkali and alkaline earth metal ion binding by a foldamer capsule: selective recognition of magnesium hydrate

X. Wang, B. Wicher, Y. Ferrand,* I. Huc*

Orchestrating directional molecular motions: kinetically controlled supramolecular pathways of a helical host on rodlike guests

M. Horeau, G. Lautrette, B. Wicher, V. Blot, J. Lebreton, M. Pipelier,* D. Dubreuil, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Metal-coordination-assisted folding and guest binding in helical aromatic oligoamide molecular capsules

Q. Gan, X. Wang, B. Kauffmann, F. Rosu, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Translation of rod-like template sequences into homochiral assemblies of stacked helical oligomers

M. Jewginski, T. Granier, B. Langlois d’Estaintot, L. Fischer, C. D. Mackereth, I. Huc* 

Self-assembled protein-aromatic foldamer complexes with 2:3 and 2:2:1 stoichiometries

X. Li, N. Markandeya, G. Jonusauskas, N. D. McClenaghan, V. Maurizot, S. A. Denisov*, I. Huc*

Photoinduced electron transfer and hole migration in nanosized helical aromatic oligoamide foldamers

G. Lautrette, B. Wicher, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand*, I. Huc*

Iterative evolution of an abiotic foldamer sequence for the recognition of guest molecules with atomic precision

P. K. Mandal, B. Kauffmann, H. Destecroix, Y. Ferrand, A. P. Davis*, I. Huc*

Crystal structure of a complex between b-glucopyranose and a macrocyclic receptor with dendritic multicharged water solubilizing chains

M. Kudo, D. Carbajo López, V. Maurizot, H. Masu, A. Tanatani,* I. Huc*

Synthesis and conformational analysis of quinoline–oxazole peptides

C. Tsiamantas, X. de Hatten, C. Douat, B. Kauffmann, V. Maurizot, H. Ihara, M. Takafuji, N. Metzler-Nolte, I. Huc*

Selective dynamic assembly of disulfide macrocyclic helical foldamers with remote communication of handedness

M. Jewginski, L. Fischer, C. Colombo, I. Huc*, C. D. Mackereth*

Solution observation of dimerization and helix handedness induction in a human carbonic anhydrase–helical aromatic amide foldamer complex

H. Noguchi, M. Takafuji, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*, H. Ihara*

Chiral separation by a terminal chirality triggered P-helical quinolineoligoamide foldamer

X. Li, T. Qi, K. Srinivas, S. Massip, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Synthesis and multibromination of nanosized helical aromatic amide foldamers via segment-doubling condensation

N. Chandramouli, Y. Ferrand,* B. Kauffmann, I. Huc*

Citric acid encapsulation by a double helical foldamer in competitive solvents

N. Chandramouli, M. F. El-Behairy, G. Lautrette, Y. Ferrand*, I. Huc*

Polar solvent effects on tartaric acid binding by aromatic oligoamide foldamer capsules

S. A. Denisov, Q. Gan, X. Wang, L. Scarpantonio, Y. Ferrand,* B. Kauffmann, G. Jonusauskas, I. Huc, N. D. McClenaghan*

Electronic energy transfer modulation in a dynamic foldaxane: proof-of-principle of a lifetime-based conformation probe

N. Chandramouli, Y. Ferrand, G. Lautrette, B. Kauffmann, C. D.Mackereth, M. Laguerre, D. Dubreuil, I. Huc*

Iterative design of a helically folded aromatic oligoamide sequence for the selective encapsulation of ​fructose

M. L. Singleton, G. Pirotte, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Increasing the size of an aromatic helical foldamer cavity by strand intercalation

J. Shang, Q. Gan, S. J. Dawson, F. Rosu, H. Jiang, Y. Ferrand*, I. Huc*

Self-​association of aromatic oligoamide foldamers into double helices in water

M. Kudo, V. Maurizot, H. Masu, A. Tanatani*, I. Huc*

Structural elucidation of foldamers with no long range conformational order

L. Sebaoun, B. Kauffmann, T. Delclos, V. Maurizot, I. Huc*

Assessing Stabilization through π-​π Interactions in Aromatic Oligoamide β-​Sheet Foldamers

M. L. Singleton, N. Castellucci, S. Massip, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Synthesis of 1,​8-​Diazaanthracenes as Building Blocks for Internally Functionalized Aromatic Oligoamide Foldamers

G. Lautrette, C. Aube, Y. Ferrand, M. Pipelier, V. Blot, C. Thobie, B. Kauffmann, D. Dubreuil*, I. Huc*

Tuning the guest-binding ability of a helically folded capsule by in situ modification of the aromatic oligoamide backbone

J. Buratto, C. Colombo, M. Stupfel, S. J. Dawson, C. Dolain, B. Langlois d’Estaintot, L. Fischer, T. Granier, M. Laguerre, B. Gallois*, I. Huc*

Structure of a complex formed by a protein and a helical aromatic oligoamide foldamer at 2.1 A resolution

G.Lautrette, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand, C. Aube, N. Chandramouli, D. Dubreuil, I.Huc*

Structure elucidation of host-guest complexes of tartaric and malic acids by quasi-racemic crystallography

M. Kudo, V. Maurizot, B. Kauffmann, A. Tanatani*, I. Huc*

Folding of a linear array of a-amino acids within a helical aromatic oligoamide frame

Q. Gan, Y. Ferrand, N. Chandramouli, B. Kauffmann, C. Aube, D. Dubreuil, I. Huc*

Identification of a foldaxane kinetic byproduct during guest- induced single to double helix conversion

Y. Ferrand,N.Chandramouli, A. M. Kendhale, C. Aube, B. Kauffmann, A. Grélard, M. Laguerre, D. Dubreuil, I. Huc*

Long-range effects on the capture and release of a chiral guest by a helical molecular capsule

T. Qi, V. Maurizot, H. Noguchi, T. Charoenraks, B. Kauffmann, M. Takafuji, H. Ihara, I. Huc*

Solvent dependence of helix stability in aromatic oligoamide foldamers

Y. Ferrand, Q. Gan, B. Kauffmann, H. Jiang,* I. Huc*

Template-induced screw motions within an aromatic amide foldamer double helix

A. M. Kendhale, L. Poniman, Z. Dong, K. Laxmi-Reddy, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc*

Absolute control of helical handedness in quinoline oligoamides

A. Tabatchnik-Rebillon, C. Aubé, H. Bakkali, T. Delaunay, G. Thia Manh, V. Blot, C. Thobie-Gautier, E. Renault, A. Planchat, J.-Y. Le Questel, B. Kauffmann, Y. Ferrand, I. Huc, K. Urgin, S. Condon, E. Léonel, M. Evain, J. Lebreton, D. Jacquemin, M. Pipelier, D. Dubreuil*

Electrochemical Synthesis and Characterisation of Alternating Tripyridyl–Dipyrrole Molecular Strands with Multiple Nitrogen-Based Donor–Acceptor Binding Sites

Y. Ferrand, A. M. Kendhale, B. Kauffmann, A. Grélard, C. Marie, V. Blot, M. Pipelier, D. Dubreuil, I. Huc*

Diastereoselective encapsulation of tartaric acid by a helical aromatic oligoamide

Y. Ferrand, A. M. Kendhale, J. Garric, B. Kauffmann, I. Huc*

Parallel and antiparallel triple Helices of naphthyridine oligoamides


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